Prakash Kutwal, Founder, Chairman
Prakash Kutwal is a dynamic first generation entrepreneur, with a rich experience in the dairy industry;he always wanted to make a difference to the existing range of milk and milk bi product category. At Kutwal Foods, he leads the company with great dynamism and out side the company he is actively involved with various social initiatives. With his magnanimous vision and dynamism he has received over 26 awards in the dairy sector and for his social initiatives too.

Ram Kutwal, Managing Director
Ram Kutwal is a dedicated marketing professional and has a focused expertise in innovative marketing practices. This dynamic team leader has motivated and inspired the KFPL team to achieve great marketing success and continues to drive the organization towards higher goals in a brand-dominated market.
With a profound experience of 20 years in production and marketing of food products, Ram Kutwal constantly strives to make KFPL products available in the market everywhere.