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Packaged Drinking Water

Packaged Drinking Water

Water in its purest form is really a life giving liquid. Urja is the assurance that each drop of water that you consume is full of energy, the energy of freshness. Our ISI certification stands testimony to the quality of our product. At our plant, we take the strictest measures regarding hygiene and have the best technology for its purification. Packing Details - Available in 300ml Bottle-Packed in 20 bottles in 1 box, ½ Ltrs. Bottle – Packed in 24 bottles in 1 box, 1Ltrs. Bottle – Packed in 12 bottles in 1Box & 2 Ltrs. Bottles packed in 9 bottles in 1 box.

Packaged Drinking water Jar-

The Urja Jar is an interesting solution for families or gatherings. The water is scientifically purified. It ensures purity at minimum cost. Urja jars are portable, take minimum space and are easy to usage. Available in 5lit & 20lit. Jars.

U packaged drinking water –

A premium product with a sleek and chick packaging , especially packed for the niche market. U packaged drinking water will be made available only in Malls and Multiplexes. It is specially intented for institutional sale and for corporate orders.