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Urja Ghee is a popular brand that has won its place on every table filled with delicacies. It adds that special flavour to the food giving it a lingering taste that will be cherished for a long time.

Company technical staff ensures that all norms of quality have been satisfied. This makes Urja Ghee a reliable item in the household With the taste of purity. Complete nourishment with guaranteed gratification.

Cow and Buffalo Ghee is available in 200 ml, 500 ml pouch & Jar and 1 litre jars. 200ml Ghee packed in corrugated boxes of 4 kgs & 500ml pouch/jar & 1lit jar packed in corrugated boxes of 6 kgs.


The royal Alphonso Mango blended with Shrikhand create a soothing taste.

Available in 250 gms and 500 gms cups packed in corrugated boxes with 6 kgs in each box & 450gm cups packed in corrugated boxes with 5.4 kgs in each box.


A delicacy with a lingering taste that makes any lunch and dinner into a special occasion.

Available in 50 gms(2kg box), 100 gms, 250 gms, and 500 gms cups packed in corrugated boxes with 6 kgs in each box.& 450gm cups packed in corrugated boxes with 5.4 kgs in each box.


Urja Curd adds a new dimension to food through its pleasant taste. Available in 200 gms & 400gms cup.Packed in corrugated box of 4kgs.


Excellent for mouth-watering recipes. Urja Paneer is available in 200 gms, 500 gms and 1 kg pouch packing and is also available loose.

Butter milk

Urja Butter Milk is a great refresher at any time of the day. Available in 500ml & 1ltr(Plain Tak) in Pet bottles with attractive label.

We Have Recently launched urja Flavoured buttermilk in 3 fascinating flavours-Masala,Pudina & Lebanese.


Urja Lassi is tasty, nourishing and a great energy booster.Urja lassi in cups available in 3 distinctive flavours-Mango, Mix fruit & Sweet plain lassi.

Available in 200 ml pouches & Cups. Urja lassi in pouch distributed in crates of 10 Litres & Cup lassi distributed in corrugated boxes of 4lit (20 cups in each box)

Flavoured milk

Urja flavoured milk is a delight in taste that caters to your different moods. It is a great combination of fun and health giving you extra zest.

Urja Flavoured milk is a ‘Swadeshi’ beverage that matches international health standards. It is prepared from toned milk in a series of sterilized processes with high priority to quality maintenance at every stage.

Care has been taken to add value to this exquisite product. It is enriched with essential calories to make it a complete balanced diet, which also acts as a powerful brain tonic.

Available in 10 flavours – Chocolate, Keshar-Elaichi, Pista, Mango, Strawberry, Butter scotch, Rose with Sabja,Haldi,Badam and Pineapple.

Urja Flavoured Milk is available in 200ml Glass & Pet Bottles. Urja Flavoured milk glass bottle packed in 20 bottle box and Pet bottle in 24 bottle Shrink wrap tray.

Dairy based Beverages

Available in 180ml Can & distributed in 24 cans boxes.

Ice cream

Urja Ice Cream is a festival of flavours and tastes - Vanilla, Strawberry, Butter scotch, Keshar Pista, mango, chocolate, raspberry…It’s a treat overflowing with dry fruits and fun combinations - kaju kishmis, black currant and choco nuts.

The rich ingredients that go into each of these make them all very special.

Packing Details – available in ½ ltr.(Family pack), 1 ltr.(Party pack), 4 ltr(Bulk pack) & also available in 40ml & 75ml Cups & 120ml Chocoblast cone & 50ml chocoblast and B.Scotch cones.

Urja Products ensures the high standard food quality which comes through superior ingredients, refined manufacturing processes, strict quality norms, hygienic working ambience and a sophisticated packaging, storage and dispatch procedure.

Newly launched Urja Happy Scoops 750ml tubs available in Litchi, Guava, Pineapple, Rajbhog, Tutti Fruity flavours.

Urja Ripple Sundae available in 100ml cups having Mango,Mixed fruit,Chocolate & Raspberry flavours

We have launched Urja Mighty Bars in 80ml Packing with 2 variants namely Chocolate truffle bar and caramel crunchy bar & Urja Freezy bar in 60ml Packing.

Urja Choupati Kulfi

KFPL is planning to launch another SKU in the ice cream category of their product.

Urja Choupati kulfi is available in 60ml packing.1 box of Choupati kulfi contains 20 pieces of Choupati kulfi’s packed in inner box.

Choupati kulfi available in 3 flavor namely Malai, Pista, Rose flavours.

Urja Pedha

Urja Pedha available in 250,500 & 1kg packing