Immunity Booster (Beverage Premix of Turmeric Powder with Herbs)

Kutwal Foods agenda has always been to deliver quality products that provide delicious nourishment. Boosting immunity is key in our everyday lives! In keeping with these times, we have carried out a lot of research in order to design a product, which helps boost immunity. Crafted with a balance of natural herbs, this premix will help you make the perfect immunity boosting drink.

Boost your immunity with Turmeric Latte & Golden Milk!

To protect your family, you must take all the necessary precautions. Be it early in the morning, in the evening or before bedtime!

Consuming this warm & soothing beverage premix with herbs will give your family's health a boost. It is available in 200 gm Boxes (1 Box Contains 10 sachets of respective flavour).

Immunity Booster available in following types & flavours :-

Urja Golden Milk-Almond Flavour

Urja Golden Milk-Kesar Flavour

Urja Turmeric Latte-Vanilla Flavour

Urja Turmeric Latte-Coffee Flavour