Corporate Philosophy

Core Values

Integrity | Innovation | Quality
Integrity, Innovation and Quality are not mere ideals we work towards, we live them and we breathe them. These core values are the true essence of how we work and are in every product we offer our customers.

  1. We run business lawfully, honestly and with integrity.
  2. We are sensitive towards the needs of the people and are constantly engaged in creating innovative products and process.
  3. We believe that the products we create which are consumed by people, always has to be ‘Pure’, free from adulteration and of the highest quality.

Corporate Philosophy

“Create products that will inspire ‘fan following’ and expand it with every product innovation we do, across all markets we plan to endeavor”

Corporate Policy

  • KFPL will always be about great products created with passion, for people who love healthy and tasty food.
  • While creating products, we will keep finding answers to the question, “Will this product inspire fan following?” until we get “Yes!” as an answer.
  • Compromise will never be a part of our products, service or attitude. We will practice delivering only high quality products and service.
  • We will ensure our customers are always delighted with consistency in quality and fair prices.
  • Our open work culture will always allow individuals to reach their full potential. Management will be accessible to all its customers, internal and external.
  • We will encourage improvement in our supplier's practices and ensure they too prosper with the company.
  • We will always seek opportunities of innovation in our product, packaging and process and set trends in the industry
  • We will keep doing our bit towards the people, society and nature to make the world a better place.